Pub '67

An exclusive part of the Rinkside Club, Row A seating is located in the first row of the Enterprise Center and has access to not only the Rinkside Club, but Pub ’67 as well, which is a “club within a club” of the Rinkside space. Rinkside Row A members can expect heightened levels of service with unique food offerings and upscale libations.

Pub ‘67 features a private bar and lounge area and with a capacity of 100 guests, you can expect the best Enterprise Center has to offer and ample opportunities to relax and socialize.

Location: Sections 101 – 126 in Row A (1st row) of Enterprise Center


  • Access to the Rinkside Club and Pub ’67
  • All-inclusive upscale food offerings All-inclusive full open bar service
  • Pre-sale opportunities for other Enterprise Center and Stifel Theater events
  • Lease options of one, three, and five years

For more information, please call 314-589-5284 or email at