Approximately 6,500 parking spaces are available within 1,800 feet of Enterprise Center, including a 1,270-car garage situated immediately adjacent to the building. In addition, many nearby parking garages and surface lots offer affordable, convenient access to Enterprise Center. “Enterprise Center Parking” signs at the entrances to additional parking facilities should help in directing Enterprise Center guests to appropriate parking. Two-hour metered parking is also available on many streets surrounding Enterprise Center.

Box Office Parking

15-minute parking for ticket purchases at Enterprise Center’s Box Office is available on Clark Avenue in front of the Box Office. Short-term parking is also available in the attached garage.

Bus Parking

Parking for groups arriving by bus is located in many of the surrounding parking lots. For bus drop off and pick up information, please contact the Enterprise Center Group Sales department at 314-622-5454.


There are three public entrances at Enterprise Center: the Main Entrance at the corner of Clark Avenue and 14th Street, the West Entrance on Clark Avenue adjacent to the attached garage, and the 14th Street Entrance on 14th Street just north of Clark Avenue. Doors open one hour prior to most events, please check for each specific Enterprise Center event or Blues games for more details.

The Club Level Entrance is located on the fourth level of the attached garage. This entrance opens ninety minutes prior to each event for suiteholders, club seatholders and St. Louis Blues season ticketholder club members only.

Guest Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedures

SLPD closes 14th Street between Market and Clark at door time for all events. The street remains closed throughout the event and until the officers make the decision it is safe to re-open. Any guest being dropped off or picked up should do so on Market or on Clark.

Nearby Parking Options


Lot # Location Agency
1 Kiel Center Garage
Corner of Clark & 16th
2 Williams Paper Co. Lot
16th & Spruce
3 417 South 15th Lot
16th & Spruce
4 427 South 15th Lot
16th & Poplar
5 16th & Clark Lot SLP
6 Union Station South Lot
18th & Clark
7 Union Station West Lot
20th Street
8 Municipal Parking Plaza
Corner of Clark & Tucker
9 St. Louis Sheraton City Center
14th & Spruce
10 13th & Spruce
Behind Sheraton Hotel
11 1303 Spruce
Tucker & Spruce/Clark
12 Municipal Parking Garage
Clark & Tucker
13 11th & Poplar Lot
Spruce & 11th
14 Cupples (Valentine Lot)
Off of Clark
15 11th & Clark Lot
Clark & 10th
16 Cupples Station Garage
Spruce & 10th
17 City Block 426 Lot
West of The Westin Hotel
18 Cupples Lot
10th & Spruce
19 20th & Chestnut West Lot
20th & Pine
20 20th & Chestnut East Lot
19th & Pine
21 20th & Pine S & H
22 20th & Olive S & H
23 18th & Chestnut Garage
Corner of Pine & 17th
24 1881 Olive S & H
25 St. John's Church (M-F after 6pm)
15th & Pine
S & H
26 16th & Olive (M-F after 6pm)
All day Saturday & Sunday
S & H
27 Parkside Lot
15th & Olive
28 Parkside Garage
14th & Pine
29 Park Pacific Garage
Tucker & Olive
30 306 N. Tucker Lot
Tucker & Olive
31 Tucker & St. Charles Lot
Tucker & Locust
32 1215 Olive Lot
Olive & 13th Street
33 14th & Locust CP
34 1409 Washington Lot
Washington & 14th Street
S & H
35 1601 Locust Street Lot
16th & St. Charles
36 1800 Washington
18th & St. Charles
S & H
37 20th & Locust Lot
19th & St. Charles

Downtown Parking Contacts

  • Central Parking (CP) 314-421-4063
  • CitiPark (Citi) 314-241-1918
  • City of St. Louis (City) 314-622-4414
  • S&H Parking (S&H) 314-621-1600
  • St. Louis Parking (SLP) 314-241-7777
  • Union Services (US) 314-421-1876


There are three public entrances at Enterprise Center:

Kiel Parking Garage (Gate 1) is located on the west end of the arena, Hall of Fame Plaza (Gate 2) is located on the south end of the arena and 14th Street (Gate 3) is located on the east end of the arena. Doors open one hour prior to most events.

The Club Level (Gate 4) is located on the fourth level of the attached garage.This entrance opens an hour prior to most events and is reserved for suite holders and guests with club seats.